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The Tupelo swing that keeps your kids busy and smiling – Luela’s Favorites

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For Keough‘s birthday we wanted to get him something fun to play with in the front yard and decided on a kids swing. We came across lots of swings but this one from Tupelo caught our eye. The kids can hold onto it and keep a steady back and forth. At times they can even be on it together and the material stays a nice temperature even in the Arizona summers. Our new favorite thing to do before naps is hang out in the shade underneath our tree in the front yard and watch the kids play on the swing.

Here is the best swing for all seasons by Tupelo Goods

Girl swinging on Tupelo swing

Emily Ratajkowski maternity photoshoot

Emily Ratajkowski’s Maternity Photoshoot Stops Instagram

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Luela Kaba Photography Finds Inspo from Emily Ratajkowski’s Recent Maternity Photoshoot

When it comes to maternity photography there’s two ways you can go:
natural light or studio light
Both are beautiful and both have different looks.
Studio lighting has more of that high fashion feel where natural light is more every day life style look.

Emily Ratajkowski is a perfect example of both of these shoots. Her first shoot was studio lighting so it had a more edgy feel where this recent shoot gives you an idea that she could be right in her house next to a window.

Emily Ratajkowski nude photoshoot maternity

Which Emily Ratajkowski Maternity Photoshoot do you prefer? Let us know!

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luela kaba takes over scottsdale photography scene

Luela Kaba Photography Featured in “So Scottsdale”

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Luela Kaba was recently featured in Scottsdale’s Trendy Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, “So Scottsdale!”. The article highlights Luela Kaba Photography and Luela’s personal style choices.

Luela Kaba Photography is quickly gaining popularity for Maternity, Newborn, Boudoir and Family photoshoots. Known for her Vogue photography style, Luela is finding herself booked weekly simply by word-of-mouth references.

luela kaba - scottsdale photograpgher

If you are in Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Diego or Los Angeles, we have good news – Luela Kaba is now booking for Spring Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood, Family, and Boudoir Photoshoots.

“Luela, your passion and talent exudes through every photo you take, making us mamas feel like a top model and the queen we sometimes forget we are. Your artistic vision encapsulates the love between mama and baby ever so perfectly, leaving us breathless each time. with every click of that camera you create magic and memories that will last a lifetime.” -Amanda K.

Words from a happy former client of Luela’s go to show that Luela does her absolute best to make mom’s-to-be feel comfortable while shooting a Maternity Photoshoot, which can often be awkward and uncomfortable if shooting with the wrong person.

Luela has been in the Maternity and Boudoir photo scene for quite some time now, so she is a complete pro and her vision is simply unmatched.

To check out some Luela Kaba Photography recent shoots, click here.

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Luela Kaba is a chic photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood and Boudoir style photos. Luela has the ability to travel to meet clients. 

Dance & Photography

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Dance, the way to my soul. It started when I was 5. I fell in love it from the very beginning. Every beat just made me move. I continued dancing all the way through college. I loved every minute if it I just wish I would have gone further, but that takes me here to this blog. Today here at Luela Kaba Photography I got to work with a young dancer here in Phoenix. Her grandmother reached out and wanted to gift her some photos as a Valentine’s gift. I was so excited to work on this project. I started dreaming from the very moment she reached out. What poses, what outfits and lighting. I knew I wanted something delicate and beautiful. Found the most beautiful pieces for her. We worked together in the studio to achieve all the different looks and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The fabrics and lighting was everything I had imagined in my mind. Put dance and photography all in one and we are in for a long session of art making. It doesn’t get any better.


Inspiration from Gigi Hadid’s Pregnancy Shoot

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Why Luela Kaba is Obsessed with Gigi Hadid’s Maternity Photoshoot



“Growing an angel,” Gigi Hadid captioned a series of new portraits showing the expectant mother holding her baby bump. Shot by the model’s “angel friends” – photography duo Luigi and Iango, with the help of stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and make-up artist Erin Parsons – the pictures indeed have an ethereal feeling to them.

Wearing a floaty sheer mini dress, Hadid looks peaceful and reflective in the monochrome photos. “Cherishing this time,” she said in another post. “Appreciate all the love & well wishes ♡ will never forget creating these special images with my friends.”

We are deeply inspired by the Gigi Hadid Maternity Photoshoot here at team Luela Kaba Photography and want to shine the spotlight on the gorgeous super model and her photos.


“a few more from 7.26 🧚,” Hadid captioned the first gallery of pictures. Fashion photographers Luigi and Iango took the shots of her. She was styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and her makeup was done by Erin Parsons. The supermodel wears a sheer, flowy, green dress with a natural makeup look.

“Obviously I think a lot of people are confused why I’m not sharing more but like, I’m pregnant through a pandemic, like obviously my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world,” Hadid started. “That’s a reason that I felt that it’s not really something that I need to share apart from with my family and friends. Obviously a lot of people have lost lives due to coronavirus, that was in the beginning of quarantine and still happening. And then we moved obviously into the reemergence of the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement, and I thought that our presence on social media should be used for that.”

“I have been taking a lot of pictures of my bump and sending it to friends and family and it’s been very cute and exciting and I’m trying to document it well because I’ve heard a lot of people say obviously make sure you don’t miss it,” she continued. “And I will be sharing stuff like that in the future. I just am not rushed to do it, and I feel like right now I just want to experience it, and I write in my journal a lot, and I just don’t want to worry about waking up everyday during my pregnancy and like worry about having to like look cute or post something.” Gigi hadid shared on social media.

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It’s been an interesting pregnancy journey for Hadid and Malik: Hadid admitted that the initial announcement wasn’t something they were a part of, saying, “Obviously, you know, we wish we could’ve announced it on our own terms, but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support, so thank you.” Then on an Instagram Live, she responded to a fan wondering why she didn’t have a baby bump. “This angle and the really baggy jumpsuit make for an optical illusion. From the side it’s a different story!” (She later clarified that she’s not disguising her baby bump and that she’s “proudly experiencing and sharing this time with my family and loved ones.”).

Hadid also hasn’t been shy about her love for Zayn Malik, posting a photo of the two just a few weeks ago with the caption “baby daddy :)”

We do not claim the rights to any of the Gigi Hadid Maternity Photos, we simply are very inspired by the photoshoot and hope to capture a similar feeling in our upcoming Luela Kaba Photoshoots.

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Motherhood Photo Shoot with Luela Kaba Behind The Scenes

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Join Luela Kaba behind the scenes on her most recent Motherhood Photoshoot

Luela is a Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood, Family, Boudoir, Chic photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona and is currently traveling to Greater areas of Phoenix and California for photo shoots.

Maternity photoshoots are the best way to create everlasting memories. Join Luela behind the scenes to get a sneak peek of what it’s like during a typical motherhood photo shoot. Luela is known for making her subjects comfortable and confident, which is necessary for a great photoshoot outcome.

Luela specializes in Maternity, Mama & Baby, Newborn photography and helps her clients photoshoot dreams come true.

Check out the Behind The Scenes Motherhood Photoshoot with Luela Kaba video below and subscribe for more!

BTS motherhood shoot in Phoenix, AZ with Luela Kaba Photography featuring Kendall Evans Hyzdu (@kendy.du) with @theagencyaz The Agency Arizona

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Welcome to My Blog

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Hey. Hola. Bonjour. Olá

I’m Luela, a mother, photographer, sister, friend. I am happy to invite you to my world of Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood, Family, and Boudoir photography. My specialty is making photography sessions feel comfortable and organic for all clients no matter their race, gender, size or shape.

I find inspiration from my journey to America as an Albanian immigrant. Encapsulating the European and Western influences with years of experience and schooling, I am always eager to learn and grow my practice.

Luela Kaba Photography | Maternity Photography | Newborn Photography | Boudoir Photography | Mom & Baby Photos

I am currently booking shoots in my new studio located in Phoenix, Arizona. Given the stay-at-home circumstances of 2020, I recently added the option for me to come to you in greater areas of Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Are you ready for your opportunity to feel like the goddess you are? Let’s chat about your dream shoot!

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