Dance & Photography

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Dance, the way to my soul. It started when I was 5. I fell in love it from the very beginning. Every beat just made me move. I continued dancing all the way through college. I loved every minute if it I just wish I would have gone further, but that takes me here to this blog. Today here at Luela Kaba Photography I got to work with a young dancer here in Phoenix. Her grandmother reached out and wanted to gift her some photos as a Valentine’s gift. I was so excited to work on this project. I started dreaming from the very moment she reached out. What poses, what outfits and lighting. I knew I wanted something delicate and beautiful. Found the most beautiful pieces for her. We worked together in the studio to achieve all the different looks and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The fabrics and lighting was everything I had imagined in my mind. Put dance and photography all in one and we are in for a long session of art making. It doesn’t get any better.