Behind the Camera, How Does It Work?


The end result of a photoshoot only shows so much of what’s really going on while on set. When engaging in a maternity or motherhood photoshoot, there’s many aspects that we have to consider: comfort for our model, hair, makeup, and when doing a motherhood shoot specifically, comfort for the baby. Above all, we ensure a fun and safe experience for the model and child. Take a deeper look at the video below to see a bit of what life is like behind the camera!

As shown above, it’s all about testing the waters. With each client, we love to try something new by mixing stunning fabrics with matching backdrops to make for the perfect shot. When taking another peek at the video above, you can see how the model used two different looks; both contrasting in aesthetics, but equal in style. Along with that, there is time and dedication put into making sure that every client feels, unlike the rest. How else should one do that other than through an all-custom photoshoot?

In addition to keeping an eye out for the right fabrics, background, hair, and makeup looks, it’s important to note that Luela Kaba’s photography is entrusted with young toddlers and children of all ages, including newborns. Experience in motherhood has made photoshoots run smoother as we are prepped for any and all possible mix-ups or messes. Having experienced team members is beneficial to the all-around atmosphere on set. Creating a judge-free zone we intend to make sure all women feel completely comfortable in their own skin.


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