Building Your Support Network

Finding a community of women who share your interests and hobbies can seem pretty difficult. However, thanks to social media and word of mouth, its possibilities are endless. This blog is going in a different direction. We’re going to show you a few ways you, a mother, can grow your network and find more mothers within your area. 

  1. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

First up is the obvious point, social media. What’s crazy about this one is just how useful it can be. While it’s super easy to get lost in Facebook Marketplace and cute viral videos, it’s beneficial to utilize social media for what it’s best known for: networking. Search keywords such as “Mothers” and “Phoenix” to find some groups in your community. After looking for a group that best represents you, reach out and initiate some striking conversation. Let us know what happens.

  1. Word of Mouth

The best advice yet: people know people. Word of mouth is a dated but useful way to spread some news. Moms can be some of the world’s most talented talkers. With that being said, let’s take advantage of that and make use of some of the opportunities we hear on the street. New events mean new people, and that’s a free ticket to knowing even more people.

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These two methods are the backbone to finding your way around any community. Personally, we can tell you from experience that Luela Kaba Photography has made great use of both tactics. Ultimately, it’s a guaranteed guide to being the woman everyone knows around town. Isn’t that what everybody wants?

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