5 Ways To Feel Your Best During Your Maternity Session

As a little gift to all of our moms, whether you’ve experienced a photoshoot with us or not. Here’s some advice on how to feel your best when taking your maternity photos, from yours truly. 

  1. Pre-shoot Prep!

    When it comes to any photo shoot it’s important for the model to be prepared and thus feeling her best. Make sure you’ve taken any necessary steps. If preferred, some might include a manicure and/or pedicure, a trip to the hair salon, and even a body hair removal! Remember, these are all suggestions, and all mothers must do what they feel is necessary to prepare themselves for their photoshoot.

  2. Communication!

    It is super important for a model to feel understood during their photoshoot. The best way to ensure this is through full transparency and communication. If there’s something you want to be changed, let us know! If you want more of something else, tell us! Maternity photoshoots are meant to be a result of teamwork, and (just like parenting) it takes patience! 🙂

  3. Come in comfortable clothing!

    Being in glam isn’t easy. So it’s completely okay to come in comfortable clothes and let us do the rest. A photoshoot with Luela Kaba makes for a comfortable and enjoyable experience, so once you’re on set, you’re in our hands. Relax!

  4. Don’t forget to set time aside

    A photoshoot session with Luela Kaba can take up to four hours, so make sure you don’t have a jam-packed day. We want to make sure everyone is in a positive mood so everything can run smoothly.

  5. Be positive and be confident!

    Remember to take it easy on yourself. When it comes to self-love we have to embrace our imperfections and remind ourselves why we are doing this. When you look back at these photos, all you’re going to see pure happiness and overwhelming love and excitement, so enjoy it!

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